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Restaurant Reviews

Many restaurants have complained about the plethora of negative reviews about their establishments and how they have increased over the years. This is not just because the reviewers are more attuned to social media and ...

How Valuable is Your Reputation?

Does your reputation actually convert to dollars? Is there such a thing as reputation dollars? Since the digital revolution began over 2 decades ago a number of things have popped up on the horizon that ...

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How to Deal with a Negative Review
This is one of the most important questions on this page and this issue must be handled very delicately. The first thing is . . . Read More
Can people give my business a review from their phone?
Yes, with our specialized program a poster, postcard, business card or letter with a QR code that takes them . . . Read More
Why did some reviews about my business get taken down?
It is extremely important that you do NOT have employees, family or friends do these reviews about your . . . Read More

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