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Archive for June 2014

Yelp Gets Busted

Negative Review

Yelp has abused the review process

For years, Yelp has had a running battle with many businesses and the reviews that are posted about those businesses on their website. The problems with the way Yelp has handled it are legion, but they have always won their case in court. Today that changed. This video on the Washington Times website shows a newscast where Yelp was required to reveal the names of some negative reviewers because the plaintiff argued that they were not real reviews but were competitors making false claims.

After having worked for several years in the Reputation Management and Reputation Review industry, we applaud this decision by the courts, simply because of the tactics used by Yelp over businesses. It is our opinion that they have acted in such a manner that seems to border on extortion, requiring people to buy marketing services with the hopes that these negative reviews will be “lessened”, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

Also, the anonymity of the net has resulted in the lowest form of humanity and degradation with horrific posts of the basest form. Although Benjamin Franklin enjoyed anonymity with his Silence DoGood letters, he was a man of character and honesty (for the most part). Our society has lost most of that and the ability of anonymous posters whose only desire is to gain more money by slandering the opposition is, in our opinion, not something that is protected by free speech rights.

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