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Accountant using our system

Another customer of ours is an accountant and in his growing practice he wanted to find a way to attract more customers that will help him get the word out. We gave a short demonstration on this product on an iPad from Apple computer. It was fun watching the lights go on in his eyes because he had an idea.

He asked if he could take an iPad around each of the customers as they came into his office and ask for a review on the business. We said of course, that’s what was originally designed for. He purchased our system and then ran out and purchase an iPad.

The interesting thing here is that he, as the owner of the company, felt that this was part of his job, something that he really needed to do. It would not only help him develop stronger relationships with his clients, but he could spot problems right away with any of the other people that work for him.

The entire idea worked very well until it became the busy tax season. He then set the iPad aside for a couple of weeks, in order to finish all the tax returns that he usually handles at the end of every filing deadline. But he did not neglect getting reviews from his customers because he had postcards printed up whereby they could give a review of his business after they got home and weren’t under the stress and crunch of dealing with taxes. All they did was use a QR code reader on their phone which directed them straight to a review site.

He was very pleased with the results and will benefit from it for years to come.