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Getting Good Reviews is Important For Restaurants

Many restaurants have complained about the plethora of negative reviews about their establishments and how they have increased over the years. This is not just because the reviewers are more attuned to social media and reviews sites, it has to do with their own habits and practices. This article on The Meta Picture paints a startling examination as to the reasons why. It is definitely worth the read for everyone who owns a business, not just restaurants.

What can be done about it? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Post a note near the entrance of the restaurant about how they have seen that people who use phones during their eating time take twice as long to finish their meals and complained that the service was poor and the food cold.
  2. Request that anyone who uses a phone while eating only do so after they have finished ordering their food, unless it is an emergency (but if it was a real emergency they wouldn’t be at the restaurant).
  3. Install a review control system with table tents on each table that has a QR code to a review feedback page on the restaurants website where they can leave a review.

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