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How Not to Handle Negative Reviews

negative reviews for hotels

Hotel Chain seeks to prevent negative reviews by charging customers $500 for each negative review!

A hotel chain in Hudson New York called Union Street Guest House thinks they have come up with a way to prevent negative reviews popping up about their business. They warn guests that they will be fined $500 for every negative review posted by anyone associated with any wedding party that stays there!

Does this sound logical? Does this sound like the best way to handle this? Isn’t there a better way to deal with negative reviews?

The short answers are these.

1-This is not a good idea for any business. Yes there are idiots customers that frequent every business but if you just want to drive away business by telling everyone that comes here, “we will treat you the way we want and offer any kind of quality we feel like, and if you don’t like it, we will charge you for it” well, that is simply not good business. A review is usually the last act a customer has to hold the businesses feet to the fire and make them do what they advertise they are going to do. A business that does not react well to negative reviews probably needs to alter it’s philosophy and the way they treat customers. This business seems to be unwilling to cater to customer desires and in the end, I predict that it may cost them their business as no one would want to live under those conditions.

2-By installing a review management system, negative reviews can be controlled and dealt with in a proper manner. No business wants negative reviews about them because they cost money, but threatening customers for leaving negative reviews will not help the business. It would be better if they knew ahead of time about the issue and handled it in a proper way before it gets posted online.

If your business would like more control over the entire Review process and prevent negative reviews (as much as possible), please go to our website or call 800-766-0059 and see a demonstration about these issues. We want to help you get more customers through positive reviews, and deal with negative reviews in a proper manner.

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